Monday, April 2, 2012

chandelier makeover

So, a long time ago (a year and a half ago, maybe), I bought a chandelier from a lady via craigslist.  And it looked like this, only with crystals hanging on it:


So, I removed the chain and stripped off the white paint and it looked like this:


Which was pretty, but kind of rusty.  So, I painted it green and it looked like this:


And here's the crystals being cleaned:

And here's the final result:
IMG_6849 IMG_6844IMG_6846IMG_6843IMG_6841IMG_6842IMG_6853

That's four spools of wire (green, blue and copper) crocheted with about fifty blue beads and over a hundred crystals (clear and pink).

The chain is three different types of chain I put together, alternating the links.  And the cool silver blub is an LED, but sadly far to bright.  I'll be substituting a fan bulb, but still LED so I don't have to worry about all the wires getting hot.

Thanks for looking!

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