Friday, June 8, 2012

More old crafts- the Juno Bag


So, here's another craft I made a few years ago: a Juno inspired messenger bag.  I made it for a chick on craftster who was let down in a craft swap.

Juno bag

It's got the school crest from the movie on it in fabric paint.

Here's the stencil I made, I used an old nylon stocking in an embroidery hoop to make it.  I printed off the crest from the interwebs, copied it onto the nylon in marker and then painted the negative spaces with mod podge.  Et viola- home made screen printer.  Then, I just put it on the bag and painted through it.  Placing it on the bag was the scariest part.  I didn't want to mess up the bag I had just sewn together.

Juno bag stencil

The bag itself was this shiny, stretchy, maroon material with a black cotton lining.

She was a college student, so I put in lots of pockets for all her stuffs.

Juno bag

Lots of space for pens and what not:

Juno bag

Also, this extra little pocket on the flap, I made it yellow like the cute little shorts Michael Cera wore in the movie.
Juno bag

I didn't really know about all the stiff interfacing you can get at that time, so it's missing that extra structure a messenger bag really needs.  She seemed to like it anyway.

Thanks for looking!

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